WIND METER | DZYTEK Portable Anemometer


Probably a tad better than licking your finger and taking a guess. Digital wind meter to help you judge flying conditions.

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WIND METER | DZYTEK Portable Anemometer Mini Wind Speed Gauge Meter Anemometro Windmeter 0-30m/s LCD Digital Hand-held Measure Tool


1.STEADY WIND SPEED MEASUREMENT & HIGH ACCURACY – wind speed range: 0.3-30m/s (max up to 67mph), and accuracy of wind speed: 0.1dgts. Battery IS Included.
2.MULTIFUNCTIONAL ANEMOMETER – wind speed, temperature and wind chill display in one lcd. handheld digital anemometer measure in 5 units: m/s, km/h, ft/min, knots, mph. temperature measuring units: °c / °f
3.MORE INTELLIGENT & PORTABLE – LCD backlight. display (12 seconds active by press any key). auto power shut off: 14 minutes without any operation. low battery indication. handy palm sized, you can keep it in pocket.
4.MORE EXTRA SPECIFICATIONS THAN OTHERS – data hold function: through the built-in temperature regulator to adjust c/f temperature, record and recall max/min/average/current function. and come with a yellow protective case and wrist strap.
5.Suitable for different purposes: Our anemometer is ideal for home purpose such as measuring wind speed, air blower, temperature of CPU computer fans, and also can be used for windsurfing, sailing, fishing, kite flying and mountaineering. Suitable for power industry, steel industry, petrifaction industry, manufacturing industry, etc.

Air Velocity:

1.Range: 0 – 30m/s, 0 – 90km/h, 0 – 5860ft/min, 0 – 65mph, 0 – 55Knots
2.Resolution: 0.1m/s, 0.3km/h, 19ft/min, 0.2mph, 0.2Knots
3.Threshold: 0.1m/s, 0.3km/h, 39ft/min, 0.2mph, 0.1Knots
4.Accuracy: ± 5%

Large easy-to-read LCD display with backlight.
Wind speed in Beaufort wind scale bar graph.
Wind chill indication
High precision pressure sensor
Quick response, external thermistor
Auto/manual power off
Rubber protective cover, anti-skid, anti fall, durable.




1.Range: 0 – 30m/s, 0 – 90km/h, 0 – 58 60ft/min, 0 – 65mph, 0 – 55Knots.
2.Resolution: 0.1m/s, 0.3km/h, 19ft/min, 0.2mph, 0.2Knots.
3.Air Temperature Range: -10°C ~ +45°C, 14°F~ 113°F.
4.Resolution: 0.2°F, 0.36°F.
5.Accuracy: ±2°C, ±3.6°F.
6.Operating Temperature: -10°C ~ +45°C (14°F~ 113°F ).
7.Operating Humidity: Less than or equal to 90% RH.
8.Measure wind speed and temperature.
9.Current/max/average wind speed reading.
10.Temperature display in Celsius Fahrenheit.
11.Wind speed unit: m/s, Km/h, ft/min, Knots, mph.
12.Wind speed in Beaufort wind scale bar graph.
13.Large easy-to-read LCD display with backlight.
14.Auto/manual power off.
15.Wind chill indication.
16.Low battery indication.
17.Powered by a 3V CR2032 battery.

Air Temperature:

1.Range: -10 – +45 centigrade, 14 – 113F
2.Resolution: 0.2 centigrade, 0.36F
3.Accuracy: ± 2 centigrade, ± 3.6F