P2 – Novice Paragliding Course

Course Length: Minimum 25 flights

The Novice Flight training is designed to let you build on the skills you have learned from your Beginner Flight Training Course. 

Time to spread your wings!

  • 1-2 days ‘ground school’ classroom instruction
  • 25 high flights designed to teach practical skills
    • flights may be from tow launch, mountain launch or a mix of both
  • must pass HPAC facilitated written exam
  • must pass practical flight test

With this course you should start to be able to fly in thermals and lifting air. You will learn how to judge conditions with the guidance of your instructor. Your flights may start to become higher in height and longer in duration.

By the end of this course you will be able to take-off, demonstrate good control of your airspeed during flight and perform safe smooth turns and complete safe landings on your feet and and understanding of thermals and other types of lift you can use with your paraglider. Communication will be by voice and radio during training.

Once you are a Certified P2 Novice Pilot your flights no longer need to be under the direct supervision of your instructor.

  • After completion of the course and pass the written test, you receive your HPAC P2 rating
  • If you don’t already, you will receive a towing endorsement and work towards your thermalling endorsement
  • Training to apply theory into practice to build strong flight condition assessment skills.
  • In classroom instruction to cover the following topics:
    • aerodynamics, flight techniques meteorology, air law, safety & risk management and more
  • Practical skills taught include:
    • pre and post flight, s-turns, aircraft landing approaches, minimum sink, accelerated flight, weight shift, rear riser techniques, big-ear descent technique, proper reserve deployment technique and more
    • HPAC Says…
      Novice rated pilots have the knowledge and basic skills necessary to fly and practice without direct instructor  supervision. The pilot understands the HPAC/ACVL rating system and recommended operating limitations.  Pilots must demonstrate Student level skills and knowledge before obtaining the Novice rating. All witnessed flights must  be pre-planned by the pilot and discussed with the Instructor/Apprentice Instructor
  • We offer gear rental for your P2, however the student is now expected to be flying with their own equipment. We can help arrange the smooth transition as we have wings and harnesses in stock!
  • YES! We offer package deals for P2 and equipment purchases.
  • Required Textbook for the course is the Beginner’s Guide to Paragliding Available Here.

Take a look at how pilot Jorn launches on the winch:

Course Cost: $2750 plus hst

Thermalling under a cloud after launching on the winch.
Our primary Training locations are
Paragliding Ontario @ Hagersville Airport