Paragliding Intro Day

Paragliding Intro Day

Course Length: 4 Hours

Wondering what it’s all about?

Consider this a one day intensive training course. We want to immersive you in the sport, get you in the right mindset and feel what this sport offers. There is a lot to learn ahead of you, and this will fast track you into understanding what you need to invest in the sport.

It is a hands on practical day so that the student can confidently step into the world of paragliding without the fear of wasting their time and money.

  • Get into the paragliding harness and start to learn ground maneuvers with the wing
  • One-on-one time with our instructors to figure out if paragliding is right for you
  • This day can take place at the training hill, tow field or even a local park. It’s day one with you and the gear, so while you may be eager to fly, this intro day is to get you aware of the equipment and launch techniques, and wing control all while practiced on the ground
  • This is a ground-based intruction course. You will learn pre-flight equipment procedures, launch techniques, and wing handling – all without taking off.

The intro day course fee can be credited towards a P1 Course fee if you decide to continue your training commecing within 30 days.

Consider this Day 1 of your P1 Training with the option to not go any further.

Bring a friend and the friend gets 20% off the intro day.

NEW WINTER 2023/2024 Pricing!

Course Cost: $249 $199 plus hst