P1 – Beginner Paragliding Course

Course Length: Minimum 6 Flights

Intensive course that includes in classroom learning and practical training.

Ground school on the topics of aerodynamics, regulations for flying in Canada, safety procedures and more.

  • 1 day ‘ground school’ classroom instruction
  • 1-2 days ground handling instruction
  • 1-3 days tow launch, mountain launch or a mix of both
  • must pass HPAC facilitated written exam
  • minimum 6 high flights

The fun part begins as you will learn how to fly and control a paraglider. This course’s main focus is how to launch and land the paraglider safely. The flight training covers ground handling of the paraglider, layout and pre-flight of the wing and harness and take-off and landing procedures. You will also learn all about how to properly read the weather and wind conditions for paragliding.

By the end of this course you will be able to take-off, demonstrate good control of your airspeed during flight and perform safe smooth landings on your feet. All your flights will be under the direct supervision of your instructor. Communication will be by voice and radio during training.

Remember, this course ensures that you are the pilot in control when in flight.

  • After completion of all course requirements and written test, you receive your HPAC P1 rating
  • Training conducted inside classroom, and at both of our training hill locations
  • Training on ground handling the wing, high and low wind launch techniques
  • Minimum 6 Flights Conducted
  • wing maneuvering skills, safe landing and speed control.
  • All paragliding equipment is supplied for your P1 training. We provide guidance on how to purchase your gear tailored to your needs for moving forward in your flying adventures!
  • What is required? Lightweight Outdoor hiking boots with good ankle support, a helmet, and some gloves with good dexterity, such as cycling gloves.
    • HPAC Says
      A P1 Student pilot has the knowledge and basic skills necessary to fly and practice under direct instructor supervision and within significant operating limitations. The pilot understands the HPAC paragliding rating systems and recommended operating limitations.
  • Required Textbook for the course is the Beginner’s Guide to Paragliding Available Here.
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Course Cost: $1950 plus hst

Your P1 you will work towards your tow rating, watch a launch with a Paraglider on tow with the winch below.
Ground handling the wing.
Preparing to launch on the practice hill.
Pre-flight checking the lines of the wing.

Our primary Training locations are
Paragliding Ontario @ Hagersville Airport